Colorful spring salad with herbs from the mill garden and fried shrimps  


Asparagus and tomato salad with herb vinaigrette chopped egg and smoked salmon                                                                                                       


Wild garlic risotto with glazed cherry tomatoes and Parmesan   



Asparagus cream soup with morel - butter dumplings                                                             


Wild garlic foam soup with prawn skewer                                                                                          



Small mixed salad    


Big mixed salad with grilled strips of pork tenderloin                                                                   


Main dishes


Tournedo of Angus beef filet

with pink pepper sauce with glazed cherry tomatoes and baked potatoes                                     


Medaillons of pork tenderloin

with oyster mushrooms in cognac cream sauce and homemade pasta 


Grilled strips from the beef hip

with onion rings, pepper sauce and roasted potatoes  

***                                                                                1

Asparagus of choice,

white or green with butter or hollandaise sauce and new potatoes or herbal crepe                      


Beef steak under a wild garlic crust

with green asparagus and baked potato   


Medallions of pork tenderloin

with white asparagus, hollandaise sauce and herbal crepe   


Char fillet, fried

in lemon saffron butter with white asparagus and new potatoes 


Lake Constance perch fried in almond butter with new potatoes 


Duet of char and perch

on chive cream sauce with homemade pasta  




Saffron risotto with cherry tomatoes and green asparagus                                        


Duet of homemade sorbets

Chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce

Homemade walnut parfait with egg liqueur foam


Chocolate cake with homemade tonka - ice - cream


Caramelized Pineapple with Bourbon vanilla ice - cream


Sweet spring roll with hot cherries


"Black Forest temptation"

Cherries on Mascarpone Cream in tipsy chocolate biscuit


Dessertvariation "Old Mill"